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"I am improving... I can sit and forget... I smash up my limbs and body, drive out perception, cast off form, do away with understanding, and make myself identical with the Great Pervasion (datong). This is what I mean by sitting-in-forgetfulness." - Zhuangzi Ch. 6 (Translated by Burton Watson)

Omaha experimental act Cast Off Form explores a creative mode of being.

An affinity for discordant sounds led to a surprising discovery-abrasive sonic walls can be a gateway to meditative bliss.

Going where curiosity leads, Cast Off Form plays with static, improvises with knick-knacks saved from the recycling bin, and tests unorthodox uses of instruments.

These methods coalesce with a spiritual path resistant to fixed narratives and identities.

Cast off Form's work has been featured on experimental / noise labels including Void Creature Records, EAC Records, Lagniappe Exposure, Death to Dynamics, Harsh Noise Wall, and Dark Rider Tapes.

Experience a different kind of meditation music - raw and abrasive.

Breathe deep, listen closely, and resist the urge to panic.

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